- THE HISTORICAL ARACHOVA: Here in November 1826, George Karaiskakis with the help of Saint George's spirit fought in the name of revolution of 1821, in the famous Battle of Arachova.

- THE TRADITIONAL ARACHOVA: If you want to celebrate the authentic "Roumekiotiko" Easter and experience the unique festival "Panigiraki" which is held in order to commemorate St George, who is also the patron saint of the village ,here's the place to be. The religious feast lasts for three days and has been characterized as "one out of a hundred experiences in the world worth taking part in". On these days the customs, the folk songs and the tradition, which date back to the Byzantine era and the ancient Greece, come to life.

- THE TOURIST ARACHOVA: On the SW side of Mount Parnassos at an altitude of 1360 meters, lies the "Corycion Cave", which the ancient Greeks devoted the god Pana and the Corycian Nymphs. Stepping through the entry way, after admiring the impressive stalactites and stalagmites, do not forget to see the ancient inscriptions of the 4th century BC engraved on the rocks. The "Clock Tower", imposing and imperious, welcomes you on the top of the steer cliff of Tyria. Nearby, it is also located a preserved neoclassical building, the former elementary school, which today houses the "Folklore Museum". For centuries, Arachovitian women have been acknowledged as excellent weavers and in here you will admire superb traditional textiles, rare handwork, the golden embroidery works, the "karpitia", which are woolen carpets, the significant Arachovitiki stitch pattern, famous patterns and designs, which all compose samples, of the genuine folk culture.

- THE ARACHOVA’S GASTRONOMIC CUISINE: "Formaela" (local cheese with a protected designation of origin) and "opsimotiri" (latish cheese), rustic pasta,"kontosoubli" (small pieces of meat on the split) and "tsipouro" (an alcoholic beverage) are a dining experience one should definitely have and becomes delicious when accompanied with traditional pastry as "Rosies", "karydato", a pot of honey from the trees in Parnassos National Forest and liqueurs.

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